Thursday, September 10, 2015

Schooling Myself by Sydney Salter

I just got off the phone with my college sophomore--oh, am I jealous! She's learning such interesting things from top-notch experts. The assigned reading sounds SO good. Writing papers. Mmm. Yes.

I loved college so much that after graduating, I kept finding my way back into various college classrooms gathering more and more credits in a variety of subjects. I waddled to class pregnant with my current college sophomore. Motherhood finally stopped my college credit collecting.

That's when I discovered the most amazing thing: writers get to keep on learning. I am constantly schooling myself on all things from psychology to robot technology to ancient Hawaiian mythology. I have an excuse to learn about anything. No one stares when I read really weird books. I'm a writer! 

Even though I'm not attending college on a charming leafy campus (dang!), I'm thinking about the things I want to learn this school year. I may even snag a few of my daughter's books when she's through. Everything I learn has the potential to work itself into my writing someday. YAY!!!

What do you love to learn about???


  1. I can soon relate to this! I have friends who are soon going to be empty nesters and they are wondering what they are going to do with themselves. And I'm like--not enough lifetimes to learn everything I want to. <3 Plus--college IS the best. <3

  2. Yeah, I loved college, too--but we never stop learning, do we???

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