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That A(maze)ing Thing Called Your Life

  Sennebec Hill Farm John Clark with his take on this month’s topic-decisions. The first thing that c a me to mind is a memory from my childhood. We moved from New Jersey to Maine when I was just over a year old. I learned later that the choice of houses came down to Sennebec Hill Farm, or a place in Warren, the next town down the St. George’s River. We ended up on Sennebec Hill Farm, but what would my younger years have been like had we chosen the other place? It would have included a different school, different friends, probably different career paths for my parents (chicken farmer, writer), involvement in different community activities...You get the picture. What about dating? Who would I have gone out with had I gone to a different high school? How would those relationships have affected my outlook and life? When it came time to choose a college, would my choices have been different? I suspect so. Instead of going to Arizona State University, where might I have gone? Maybe my d

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