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The Perfect Life... Doesn't Exist

 by Charlotte Bennardo Conflict- it's a part of every writer's life. While it's fun to put our characters in the midst of numerous conflicts, some life (or plot) changing, others mundane, it's important that every novel have more than a major plot; there needs to be several. Life is never that simple where we only have to deal with one conflict.  Take my day for instance. I had a 'tiff' with my husband over the counter going into our bathroom that is under renovation. We settled it. Then I had a conflict over whether to write more query letters, work on the outline for my next novel, or continue revisions for my sci fi novel. The solution: I worked in my garden then worked on my new novel outline. Another conflict was should I use a single or dual point-of-view for my new novel. I resolved it by going with a dual because it fit the premise of the story better. There were other conflicts, but consider that's just one day. It must be the same for our character

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