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  Happy February, YAOTLers! Our theme this month is hope, as in our hopes and dreams for 2023. Well, first and foremost, I’ve got a lot of plans on the writing front for the coming year, so I *hope* my typing fingers hold out!   Second, I hope I can finish Every Time We Say Goodbye, the final book in my Beryl Blue, Time Cop adventure series, by May. A challenge. The series takes modern-day librarian Beryl on a trip across the 20 th century, stopping time tourists from pilfering the past while hunting a time-traveling assassin and trying to find a way she can be with her World War II soldier boyfriend without breaking time. The final book is the most timey-wimey of them all, with a lot of twisty time jumps and potential paradoxes I hope I can keep track of.   Next, I hope to plot Sorrow Point, a paranormal set on the Maine coast where young adult characters battle an ancient curse and a terrifying creature that rises from the icy depths of the Atlantic. Cool and creepy, huh? Oh

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