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Twists and Opportunities

 by Charlotte Bennardo My friend and neighbor gave me this magnet a few years back: That happens in life. We plan our lives so carefully. Generally, we go through high school, think of what we want 'to be when we grow up' and head off to college, trade school, or a job. We think about getting out on our own, meeting a special someone, and coasting through the rest of our lives.  We all know life doesn't always follow the path we set. Sickness, death, ruined finances, scandal, injustice- no one escapes life without scars and trauma and setbacks.  So why should your characters have such smooth sailing? That's what makes a novel great; a plot with characters who face life's challenges because they have to (really, we wrote it that way). Sometimes there is no happy ending, just a 'doing the best I can' ending. Compromises have to be accepted, dreams let go, people walked away from, sacrifices made.  Authors get caught in plot twists, too. Numerous time I started

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