Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summertime Fun!

Summer has been flying by!
with a new YA book release in May:
And ending on the note of waiting to announce good book news (!!!)

Love that new book contract smell!! #ahhh #booknewscomingsoon #squeee #IheartEMLA

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We've barely had time to breathe, and I've barely had time to write! (Including blog posts - sorry!!)
We did get a trip in to visit Butler, PA, where I grew up.
This is, of course is the opposite of our theme this month of LEAVING home, but here is a video of my husband jumping into the pool in slo-mo reverse so that's kind of similar, right?
HA! See you next month!!


  1. I read Love and Vandalism the day it came out and loved it big time. Keep those great reads coming!

  2. Thank you!! Can't wait to share more details!!

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    1. Thanks! Wish I could reverse time and start summer all over again!