Thursday, March 8, 2012

Perfectly Coinciding Circumstances (otherwise known as luck)

I don't know that I believe in "luck," per se, but I do believe in some strange universal force that makes things happen for a reason. I do feel incredibly "lucky" as a writer, there are things that happened that were just too good to be true or easier than they were supposed to be. My first book was a dream, literally. I dreamt the story line, woke up and thought, "Hey, that's a book." So I started writing. It was my first attempt to write a book. I had an agent two months later and the book sold in a pre-empt a month after that. Lucky? Yes. But I think there was more to it. The timing was right, both in terms of me being able to dedicate myself to writing the story and the market willing to buy it. I think luck is more about perfectly coinciding circumstances than chance.

Lots of things happen like that when writing. I'll be stuck and then I'll hear something or see something that un-sticks me for no reason at all and I'm off and running. I love happy circumstances, like listening to the B-52s Quiche Lorraine, a song from so long ago that I love, and then seeing Quiche Lorraine on a menu at a restaurant the next day. What are the chances? I mean, really, I listen to a song for the first time in years and there it is the next day on a menu - what restaurant has quiche on its menu nowadays?

This morning I heard a song that I've heard a few times before and just loved. So I decided to find it. The video blew me away. Yes, it's cool, but it also has so much to do with the book I'm currently finishing writing, down to the concept of art filling in the shapes of people. This morning I was all set to write a scene at an art musuem around a particular painting that is a mosaic of sorts, just like this video. What are the chances? So I've already had my luck (or perfectly coinciding circumsance) today. It's Gotye's version of Somebody That I Used to Know, featuring Kimbra.


  1. I love this song! Glad you had some luck and hope it inspires you to write today.


  2. The manuscript that I currently have on submission to agents was the result of a dream, too. Mine happened like this: I was at a speaking engagement, and during my speech I said, "The next time I have a weird dream, I'm going to turn it into a book." That night I had a dream that was so strange that I woke up thinking, "What was that all about?" Then I remembered what I had said. It took me five years after the dream to actually sit down and write the manuscript, but the dream is still as vivid in my mind today as it was when I had it.

    And the manuscript? It has gotten me a lot of agent attention--no call, but plenty of close calls. And it won a contest last year that netted me $1000. So, yeah, I believe there's a little bit more to it all than just luck.

  3. I absolutely agree!!! I love when those "coincidences" just happen. Great song BTW.

  4. I love this song! Every time I hear it, it gets stuck in my head for hours. In fact, I played this video for my husband a few days ago. What a coincidence. :-)

  5. Yes--TIMING is a big part of success in writing, too. I'm glad you used that word...

  6. Are they perfectly coinciding circumstances or friendly gremlins? Either one works for me!