Spring Break!

No, I didn't take my manuscript or myself (darn!) to Cancun, even though my WIP totally rocks a bikini:

I did take a spring break--from writing.

In years past, attempting to follow that "write every day" advice authors often espouse, I'd haul my laptop along on vacations, writing in cafes, hotels, planes, trains, ferryboats... I've also packed my kids off to the bookstore during their vacations so I could add words to a story. I missed out on stuff.

I think that "write every day" advice stinks.

Sometimes living life is more important. Breaks allow us to gather material for future stories. Over the past week, I've hung out at the mall with my 6th grader (lots of potential characters!), visited a museum exhibit featuring Islamic art (how could I add patterns to my prose?), eavesdropped on delicious conversations during lunch out (couldn't make this stuff up!) and, yeah, we all lounged about in our jammies watching old episodes of Toddlers & Tiara's while practicing our phony pageant smiles (I wish that stuff were made up!). I also canceled plans when my daughters's friends called, but that gave me time to read.

So here's my advice: take days off. I promise your characters will still be living on the page when you get back. And you might return with some ideas that will make their lives more interesting too!


  1. I agree, Sydney. New life adventures generate new adventures for your characters. Glad you had fun!

  2. I've got to take this advice more often!

  3. AMEN! I struggle with the advice to write every day - I feel like such a hack sometimes that I don't...but sometimes I need to read books and watch movies and make time for all of that stuff that generates inspiration. I am so glad you feel the same way - I feel validated, and not just lazy. ;)

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