And The Thanks Goes To... (Sydney Salter)

Picture me in a long, let's say, blue dress with a million dollars worth of borrowed diamonds around my neck...

The thanks for my writing career goes to: Mike, Emma, Sophie, Rondi, Dave, Stephanie, Ted, Louise, Ethan, Colleen, Quinn, Shea, Allison, Barbara, Hap, Marcia, Terry, Josh, Jeanie, Cindy, Curtis, Rob, Craig, Amy, Deneen, Kendra, Lauren, Sarah, Theresa, Margaret, Brett, Thane, Patrick, Hashimoto, Margo, Chuck, Thomas, McClintock, Royce, Carol, Rick, Lin, Steve, Lisa, Natalie, Robert, Susan, Kelley, Danelle, Cynthia, Kaylie, Sherry, Kim, Malinda, Liz, Neysa, Tracey, Chris, Ellen, Judy, Joy, Kim, Marianne, Sue, Melanie, Beverly, Nancy, Virginia, Susan, Stephanie, Miriam, Edward, Jennie, Kristen, Ted, Julie, Carol, Ellen, Albert, Lauren, Megan, Jen, Susan, Kathryn, S, Lisa, Edith, Cheryl, Danielle, Ann, Deborah, Rosanne, Beverly, Joy, Fran, Lauren, Donna, Suzy, Sarah, Mary, Janet, Lauren, Jackson, Lee, Jay, Jeff, Steve, Paisley, Elissa [cue the too-long-speech music], Mark, Cassie, Wendy, Emily, Anne, Jean, Chris, Becky, Becky, Bobbie, Lora, Lisa [a starving blond, in a much smaller dress, yet fewer diamonds, yanks me away from the microphone], and the many more I haven't had time to thank...

All of these people--the good, the bad, the truly ugly--contributed in small and large parts to the reason why I'm opening my Word document this morning and hammering away at my current work-in-progress.

Thank you! 


  1. Aren't you glad we don't have to go it alone!

  2. Wow, so exciting to be mentioned. I would have to give you kudos for much of the progress I've made since I've known you. Someday, you WILL be receiving an award.

  3. Wasn't that you I saw last night at the Golden Globes holding the trophy for best adapted screenplay?


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