Book birthday!

by Tracy Barrett

I’m so happy to announce that yesterday my twentieth book for young readers and tenth novel was released by Harlequin Teen. The Stepsister’s Tale has garnered two starred reviews (PW and Kirkus).

The shorthand I’ve been using to describe The Stepsister’s Tale is “Cinderella from the point of view of one of her stepsisters,” but really, it’s not Cinderella’s story. Instead, it’s the story of a girl named Jane who lives in a crumbling mansion with her younger sister and her widowed mother, who can’t cope with the realities of their situation. When their mother remarries unexpectedly, Jane suddenly acquires a not very pleasant stepsister, a beautiful and spoiled girl who is unaccustomed to the hard work that Jane and her sister, Maude, are used to. The story doesn’t revolve around Cinderella but around Jane, and around Maude to a lesser extent.

I love fairy-tale retellings and am thrilled to be able to contrribute to the genre!


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