The Scariest Thing That Ever Flippin' Happened to Me...

The Visible Woman is an exhibit you used to see in museums. It’s a life-sized mannequin with transparent skin, so you can see her organs and skeleton. When I was about six, I was into the human body, so when we went to a museum, my dad took me to see this. We went into a small auditorium, where a real life woman stood next to the plastic one. When the chairs filled, we assumed she’d explain to us about the various organs.
Then the real woman walked back stage.
Then the lights went out.
Then the plastic woman’s brain began to glow.
“This is my brain,” said an eerie, disembodied voice.
That was enough for me. I began to cry. My dad, realizing how creepy this seemed to me, picked me up so we could leave.
This was so that no one would interrupt the presentation, and you exited through a different door. However, dad couldn’t figure out how to leave without disturbing everyone, so I spent about ten minutes crouched in the corner, my eyes closed, covering my ears.
         There. I've opened my soul to you this Halloween and shared my darkest memory. Hope you're  happy!


  1. Poor Brian! This post makes me think about how adults don't always realize what might scare the crap out of kid. I was the dumb mom who thought it would be fun to rent the movie Jaws when we were vacationing at the beach. I think we watched like one minute of it--kids gaping at the screen in horror--when I turned it off and realized what an idiot I was.

  2. OH my gosh, that sounds traumatic as hell! I think now exits would be marked REALLY clearly so this kind of stuff wouldn't happen. At least you lived to tell about it!!


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