Unexpected Sparkle (by Nancy Ohlin)

This month we are blogging about sparks.  I’ve taken the liberty of writing about sparkles instead, as “sparkle” is a Middle English relative of “spark.”

Today is a big holiday in France—La Fête Nationale—which brings to mind a very French memory. 

Years ago, my boyfriend, now husband, took me to Paris for my 40th birthday.  We had little money, so this was a huge extravagance.

The night before my birthday, we had dinner at a tiny bistro in the 7th arrondissement called Le P’tit Troquet.  After a lovely meal, we went outside into the warm spring night.  We wandered for a few blocks, not knowing exactly where we were.  Then we turned a corner and encountered a most surprising sight:

This happened right at midnight.   Jens kissed me and wished me a happy birthday.  The Eiffel Tower continued twinkling above us.  It was a movie-perfect moment.

I couldn’t have imagined a better birthday.  Here I was, starting a new decade under all that serendipitous sparkle, and with the man I loved.   I told myself that no matter how the rest of my life might unfold, I would always, always have this moment.

And I still do.

I hope you find some unexpected sparkle the next time you turn a corner.  


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