Human lives are not writing-conducive. They’re just not. They’re full of triumphs and heartache and ups and downs and chores and most of the time, it seems amazing to me that any books ever get written at all.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is find a way to shake the world off--all the have-tos and the responsibilities and the routines--and reconnect with yourself. Then, your mind can focus better on your project.

A few ways to shake off the world:

Do some yoga
Walk the dog
Sing a song
Go to the farmer’s market
Cook something you’ve never made before
Take a class
Scratch a home repair off the honey-do list
Watch a classic movie
Learn a new hobby—sewing, painting, etc.
Change your hair
Explore a new corner of your city—somewhere you’ve never gone before
Take a drive without a map
Eat an ice cream cone
Pay a compliment to a stranger
Wear something (a piece of jewelry, perfume, etc.) you usually save for special occasions
Play one-on-one
Eat taffy
Dangle your feet in the lake
Howl at the moon


  1. Love this list. Love this post. *goes off to eat taffy and howl at the moon, or perhaps in the reverse order as I'm not sure I could howl with a mouth full of taffy...* ;-)

  2. Love this! I'll be joining Jodi and howling at the moon!

  3. Great list, Holly! I'm particularly fond of dangling my feet in a lake. Or river. Or ocean. :-)


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