Gratitude Is An Attitude: By Kimberly Sabatini

Gratitude is an attitude.
A perspective.
It's our glass half-full.
An opportunity to take the worst of times and turn them upside down to find...
an answer we never would have seen if we'd stayed upright.
Gratitude is a choice. 

In my world of YA, there is so much to be thankful for. Here is just the tip of my mountain of gratitude...

My fabulous agent Michelle Wolfson.
My former editor turned amazing author, Anica Rissi.
The heart of my tribe--the SCBWI.
My local friends and writers--The Hudson Valley Shop Talk.
My local Indie Books Stores...Split Rock Books, Oblong Books, and Meritt Books.
And last but never least, my supportive family, friends, peers, and readers who always show up. 

I often see myself through your eyes and I am grateful for what is reflected back at me. You have my gratitude.


  1. An attitude of gratitude is a simple, renewable resource, sadly missed by many. Great post.

  2. Love this: "Gratitude is an Attitude!" I am stealing it. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and instead of a table runner, I'm using a paper roll. I put markers beside each place setting so my family can doodle on the paper. Last year, we did a contest for best artistic turkey.

    This year, I'm using your Gratitude is an Attitude as our slogan. A theme. I'll let you know how it goes!

    Thank you so much for the inspiration both here and everywhere we interact. You're patient and wise and I'm grateful to have 'met' you, even if it hasn't been in person (yet)!

  3. Yep. SO true! And I am filled with gratitude for YOU! xoxo :)


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