All Over Again (Holly Schindler)

I mentioned this last month, but the dream of a do-over regarding my first-pubbed books is no longer merely a dream for me. The rights to a bunch of my YA stuff (from two different publishing houses) have reverted, and I’m in the midst of planning out massive revisions.
I have to admit, this is utterly delicious.
I love revision. Talking LOVE. Some of my early work can definitely be tightened—and updated for the current world. Some of my early work will remain in the same age group and category; other books will be bumped to adult, and even moved into another category altogether.
New covers, new blurbs, new plot twists.
It’s exciting.
Does that mean I feel like I did something wrong the first time around?
I feel like I’ve changed as a writer. I’ve learned. I’ve grown. I should feel this way. If I looked back on my first book and still felt it was the best thing I’d ever written, I’d pretty much want to cry my eyes out.
The first planned (re) release is Playing Hurt and a sequel, Play It Again. Both are getting a shine-up, new chapters, new additions. When I got back into the original Playing Hurt manuscript, I really did want to keep the heart and soul of the book intact. So the update’s been a real juggling act—figuring out how to preserve what works and update some of the rest.
But I have to admit, it’s really been a blast.
I’m hoping to have both books ready to release in early ’20 (nine years after Playing Hurt’s original release)!


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