The rights to one of my first YAs, PLAYING HURT, reverted to me earlier this year. I'm in the midst of doing some revision, polishing the text...I'm also updating the sequel, PLAY IT AGAIN, getting the two books ready for a re-release in 2020. 

PLAYING HURT is a summer romance that takes place over a three-week summer vacation. PLAY IT AGAIN takes place four years later. Chelsea has just graduated from college, and memories are percolating up to the surface--as they always tend to do when we find ourselves ending a chapter of our lives. 

Unable to get that life-changing summer out of her mind, Chelsea decides to travel back to the Minnesota resort where she met and fell for Clint. 

Setting in this sequel has to play a powerful role. How has it changed? Has is changed, or has Chelsea's memory turned it into something it never was? What happens when we return to a formerly special spot? Can being in a physical place do something to us? Change us? Fulfill some missing piece? 

Those are the questions that are on my mind as I work my way through the manuscripts...


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