The Best Advice - By: Kimberly Sabatini

This month on the blog we're giving our best advice to other writers. 

You're going to be hearing a lot of amazing information over the course of this month. In fact, I have a ton of my own I can share with you.
I have junk drawers, over stuffed closets--even yard sheds full of the stuff. 

Most of it is pretty good. 
I treasure every scrap of it. That's why I have it piled and stuffed into every available space.

Yet, my experience has also taught me something else.
My best advice is the most effective when I can pair it with  your best and specific questions.

 For example, just yesterday I was helping a young writer with a short story. 
We connected at a recent school visit and after reading her work, I had two recommendations to share with her. They were specific and geared to her needs.
I think they will be more helpful than if I pulled out a dump truck and gave her all my hard earned nuggets of truth all at once.

But for this post--I don't know exactly what you need to hear. 
One of you might need the title of a good book on revision. Someone else might need to get past a really bad rejection letter. You could be brand new to writing or treading water in the Bermuda Triangle of the mid-list. The list of what you could need is endless. And I'd have something specific for each of you, if we were having that conversation. 
But we're not.

Instead, I figured my best advice would be to go with something universal--something that speaks to me on a daily basis.

"There are so many components of publishing you can't control. But you can decide--every day--how you experience your own writing. Create because you love what you do. Let publishing be the side effect of that joy."

--Kimberly Sabatini

This is something I need to hear almost every day.

It's something I tell myself every day.

And perhaps that alone qualifies it to be the best advice

Or, maybe it is just my favorite advice because I like to picture all of us successfully published because we write from a place of joy and love. <3


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