Coronavirus, Writing, and Uncertainty (Holly Schindler)

Like Alissa, I'm wrapping a series this year--my Ruby's Place Christmas series, to be exact. I've been publishing installments since 2017.

I'm also finding great comfort in having a self-imposed deadline. I already set the goal to put that last book up, and I'm determined to do so. I've got the cover designed, and am in the midst of revising and formatting the e-book and paperback. As soon as it's up, I also need to update the previous installments, including buy links and information on the series as a whole.

Some of it is the juicy nitty gritty of writing, which we all love. I just don't feel like me if I'm not writing. Some of it's busywork--as so much of self-publishing is. But right now, the busywork feels pretty fantastic too. It offers me a chance to make much smaller goals than writing a novel. Goals I can easily accomplish and quickly check off a to-do list. I'm making strides, one foot in front of the other.

Those smaller jobs give me a little slice of certainty during the most uncertain time in my life. There are so many questions: How long will the pandemic last? How quickly will it spread through my community? What activities are truly safe? Even should I let strangers pet my dog on our walks? There are no answers. There's nowhere to go get answers.

But at least I can answer the question of how I'm going to fill my days.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with putting writing aside during this time, either. There's plenty to accomplish elsewhere: gardening, bettering cooking skills, reading, letter writing, home repair projects. The list goes on and on. My grandmother used to say when she got to worrying too much, she knew it was time to scrub the kitchen floor. I think about that often during this time. A goal, a daily task, a way to get busy--it's helped more than I can say these past few months.

Stay safe and healthy--