I Have Reverted to a Caveman Like Existence (Brian Katcher)

 Looking back on my old posts here, I am amazed at how optimistic I was. Back in April I was annoyed at our idiot governor ending the quarantine so early, and mentioned my family would continue to avoid public gatherings 'for a few more weeks.' I was so young and impressionable...

I have not eaten in a restaurant in over half a year. I've visited friends exactly once since March. I've stopped bathing and shaving (though that is for other reasons).

Now I'm back to work teaching. Last year, I wrote a whole new STEM curriculum and spent my budget on equipment that the kids could use to conduct science experiments. I can't use any of that for now, due to social distancing. We are still checking out books in the library, but are restricting them to classroom use to avoid cross contamination. Students eat in their classroom. I eat in my classroom.

This is my 24th year as a teacher and I haven't been so out of sorts and confused since my first year. And for my kindergartners, this is their first year. They don't realize this isn't normal.

But we are going to get through this. There is no profession that can improvise like a teacher. The kids are just happy to be here. And maybe in a few months we can start getting back to normal.

Also, I made the ALA's list of most challenged books in the past decade, which makes me happy. Thanks, Florida Tea Party!


  1. Nothing reinforces 'Normal is a setting on your washing machine' like this pandemic...Especially with the sewer monkeys running the US government. Hang in there.


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