Humbug (Brian Katcher)


This may be a minority opinion, but I have to say I didn't enjoy this year very much. As a teacher, I'm having very little face to face contact with my students. My 8th grader daughter did not get to see her friends all summer. Both my maternal grandparents passed away. I had nothing published. Our vacation plans were greatly reduced. This year is has replaced 1987 and 2000 as my least favorite years.

But there is much to celebrate as well:

*My wife and I both kept our jobs with full salaries.

*My entire family and all my close friends have managed to avoid COVID.

*While I'm feeling down in my writing career, I'm certainly not out. My wonderful agent, Mandy Hubbard, is working to get a deal for me.

*My 2002 Saturn is still running great. It's one of those cars that lasts forever.

*While we didn't get to go to Seattle as planned, we did take two extended camping vacations.

*Oh, one last thing. Something really great happened on November 3rd. I can't quite remember, but it almost made up for this entire crummy year.

Love you all. 2021 is going to be our year!


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