The Back of The Tree by Sydney Salter

One of the wedding gifts that my husband and I received - 28 years ago now - was a box of Christmas ornaments. Ugly weird Christmas ornaments--the weirdest was a big bellied elf with legs shaped like an anchor. In the box were scrolls with quotes, a helmet saying "Tally Ho!" and a funny little elf carrying a tray of cookies. 

Since we couldn't afford many ornaments, we hung these ornaments on the back of our first tree. 

Fast forward 28 years later, and Anchor Legs has morphed from a weird gift to a beloved tradition. Every year the focus of our family tree trimming party is finding Anchor Legs. He is the King Of The Back of the Tree, ruling all the strange ornaments we have collected. The little elf is his henchman. He rules an entire kingdom of characters. Every year includes lively debate about which ornaments belong on the back of the tree--ornament beauty being in the eye of the beholder, of course. 

Granny fulfilled a bucket list goal when she found Anchor Legs this year! 

When life (JoAnne) gives you a box of weird ornaments, something that initially looks weird and ugly just might end up becoming something absolutely cherished. I think there's a 2020 message in there somewhere... 

Happy holidays to everyone! 


  1. Aw, I love this! Happy, healthy holiday hugs to you, Sydney!

  2. Certain ornaments can have great personal value. We still have ones given to my parents back in the 1950s that are the dragons of Blueland from Elmer and the Dragon.

  3. This is the best. It's the quirky stuff that always becomes the most cherished.


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