The Perfect Summer Job by Allie Burton

Exercise, sun, fun, and friends. What more did a teen need in a summer job?

The summer I was eighteen I was a bike cop in my hometown. Wearing a uniform of blue shorts and white polo shirt with the official town logo, I’d carry a walkie talkie and ride an official police bike around town for 40 hours a week.

Great exercise, outside all summer, and I made friends with the other teen bike patrol members.

The purpose of the job was to teach about bike safety. We’d hand out information, bike maps, and treats to kids of all ages. We even wrote up tickets to kids who blew off a stop sign or didn’t use a turn signal.

Not all the kids appreciated the tickets. The tickets weren’t paid with money but with writing assignments on bike safety.

Sometimes there were thrilling chase scenes where we jumped curbs, rode through fields, or cut across parking lots. (Great for future book ideas!)

We were also another set of eyes for the community. Patrol cars would regularly stop us and ask if we’d seen anyone or anything suspicious or we’d call in fishy activities that we’d spot.

The position was a great way to learn about the local town government and meet the police force. You know, in case I got into future trouble. 😉

What was your perfect summer job?

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