When did YA Become so Mature? by Allie Burton


I love reading and writing younger young adult books. Books with innocent themes and first kisses. Stories about spunky heroines and determined heroes. Tales of adventure and a quest.

Except young adult books have changed. Bullying and cyberbullying, sexual activity, alcohol and drugs, and violence are all part of modern YA. I realize teens in today’s world are different too. More mature. Additional complications. They’ve been exposed to all sorts of toxic things between social media and the news.

I understand teens need to read about real world experiences that mirror their lives. I recognize teens are under more stress and pressure. I realize more books representing them and their current issues are important.

But I wished there was a place, a larger niche, for more innocent YA books.

Allie Burton is the author of several young adult fantasy books including A Glass Slipper Adventure, Lost Daughters of Atlantis, and Warrior Academy. You can find out more about her at www.allieburton.com.

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  1. Finding them is a challenge, but when I do, I savor them.

  2. In my own reading life, I tend to gravitate toward the sweet...

  3. I think there are plenty of readers who prefer the "sweeter" side of YA. Apart from adults (like me) who enjoy those books, there are the "tweens" who've outgrown (maybe only barely) middle grade books but aren't read for the grittier, more grown-up stuff yet. I write for them.


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