Book Highlight: We're Never Getting Home, by Tracy Badua

A new YA that takes place at a music festival? Yes, please--I can't think of my own young life and not think of the role music played in it. And, on top of that, it explores the intricacies of young friendship--how important that relationship is, and how devastating it can be when friends begin to drift away. The loss of a friend, I think, is often overlooked as being less important than romantic breakups. In reality, though, it can cut deeper and have far wider-reaching impact. That's why I'm so excited for this one:

From author Tracy Badua:

"It’s sometimes easier for people to look back and see how romantic relationships shaped their early lives. They tend to overlook the people they carpooled with, their lunch-time-seat-savers, the ones always up for grabbing an overpriced frappe after school. Those kinds of relationships can be just as vital and impactful when you’re trying your best to navigate uncertainty and pressure from all sides. I wanted to explore this in We’re Never Getting Home, which focuses on the way a close friendship–which might be everything to us at one stage in our lives– flourishes or fades when threatened with change."



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