Summer Reading, and a Summer Contest

When summer rolls around there is one place you'll find me every weekend - by my pool reading. I am a huge summer reader, it's one of the reasons I look forward to summer at all.

I go through a book a weekend and sometimes I'm sad to finish a book because it was SO good I hate that it's over (like the one I finished last weekend) and other times I realize there is no way I can finish what I started because it just isn't doing it for me (like the book I started this weekend).

With all this reading it sort of puts a dent in my writing. But I think it's worth it. I learn all sorts of things when I read, like what keeps me turning pages and what turns me off as a reader. There are books I read that everyone loves and I wonder why I'm not digging it at all. Other books I think are amazing and I wonder why they didn't receive as much attention as they deserve. I want to tell everyone about them! Summer just means reading to me. It always has, and it continues to do so as I get older.

And because I think summer is for reading, I decided to add some books to other people's collections with a summer contest. It's so easy to win a free book!

1. Answer the question - "This summer will be the best ever because_____."
2. Send me an email with your answer to 'contest (at)' (use the @ sign! I don't just want lots of spam)
3. I will pick two random readers to receive LOCAL GIRLS or RICH BOYS, which are all about summer
4. That's it! Free books to read this summer!


  1. I agree. Summer and books go together. Great contest, too!

  2. Summer and books do go together so well. I associate summer with spending the mornings at the library and the afternoons at the pool reading the books I checked out during rest period, then spending the nights in my parents' room (the only air-conditioned room in the house) with my books. Maybe I'm feeling so stuck with my writing lately because I need to read more. Thanks for reminding me of this!


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