Summer Time and the Writing is.....hard

Don't get me wrong. I love summer. Especially living in Canada, where winter takes place almost half of my life. Oh. I just depressed myself. Make me stop.

Back to summer...summer with a young child is hardish when you are an author but also moonlight as a stay at home mom. Of course any writers who work full time and also write must stop reading now because I fear they will hate me for complaining.  I have it great. Yes I do. But I have to admit, as much as I LOVE my son and spending time with him ( and that is a whole lotta love let me assure you) I do miss SCHOOL. My writing time. My office hours. Do any other sahm's who write understand me. Please? :) You many lie to me if you like.

Oh. How I miss you school. Only a month and a half until you slide back into my life. The door is open. I await you. Oh. School. Come quickly.

The other thing about summer in my life is...the cabin. The money pit. The work maker. Again. I should not complain about my husband being so incredibly handy and so industrious and ambitious that he wants to build us a cabin in the mountains. Should I? So close to a beautiful lake. A get away of our own. I shouldn't complain,  right?? Oh... but ohhhh. Please let me.

When we married I told him (him being husband) that I preferredd condo or apartment life because I hated artwork/housework. He wasn't listening. Or maybe he wanted a challenge and thought he could change my mind, because for the last 5 summers we spend most of our time making many,  many seven hour (one way) trips to beautiful BC (and yes it is beautiful) to BUILD a cabin. I have become a painter, insulation installer, weed wacker, stainer, extra pair of hands, cleaner upper of builder's messes and many other jobs.  Oh. My. God.  Actually, this year we have plumbing so things are looking up. Running water and a toilet really can change one's life. There is still no kitchen. We sleep on air mattresses in sleeping bags. We live in the work we do. And get this... there is NO Internet. But. It is getting better. Someday, husband assures me, it will be done. And we won't have to work all the time anymore. I look forward to those days!

I look forward to the driving out to the cabin to spend my days in the beautiful mountains, writing prose while husband is planting trees or repainting the deck and my son is off with his friends, no longer needing me around. Of course, I'll miss him. And longfor the days when he was younger and wanted to hang out with me while I secretly wanted to write.

Note to self.
Like everything, even with writing, be careful what you wish for!