Beginnings Vs. Endings (Tara Kelly)

My favorite? Well, my favorite moment is typing 'the end' and being DONE (at least for that hour). The truth is I struggle with both, but I also love both for different reasons.

Beginnings are stressful for me. Yes, it's a new story full of possibilities and anything can happen.'s a new story full of possibilities and anything can happen. Ahh--chaos! Despite my creative side, I'm a really structured and linear thinker. A walking contradiction, really. In fact, my old boss once told me I was the most linear artist he'd ever met. If I don't have a plan when I start a book, I flounder. I get overwhelmed by all the possibilities and find I can't put words on the page until I have a direction. Now that doesn't always mean I know everything that happens. I don't like plotting everything out...because 1. I never follow my plans--my characters have minds of their own and 2. I don't WANT to know everything that happens. Part of the fun in writing for me is discovering things with my characters.

Told ya...I'm a walking contradiction. Imagine what it's like being inside my brain. On the one hand, I need a plan so I can write in a linear fashion. On the other, I don't like plans because they hamper my creativity. What's a girl to do?

In my case, I decide how it ends and I leave the journey...well...up to my characters. The ending gives me a goal...something to work toward. That doesn't make beginnings easy, though. I still struggle with the usual culprits: How do I incorporate this damn back story? Do readers even need to know this? Where does this story begin and how can I make it interesting? How do I weave conflict with strong character development starting in the FIRST paragraph?


Now endings are nice because it means I've found a way to GET to the ending. Hey, that's a huge accomplishment for me since I have about 100 unfinished projects on my computer. My struggle is mainly with the last page. Is this the scene I want readers to remember? Is this really the perfect place to end this journey? And this last's not potent enough. That being said, I don't struggle with endings nearly as much as beginnings. By the end of the book, I know my characters. I don't worry about pesky things like back story and character development because--if I've done my job--readers already know these characters inside and out and CARE about them. T

So...I'll go with endings. Endings are my favorite. :) They make me feel accomplished.


  1. Beginnings are tricky for me, too, but I always know how the story is going to end. It's like seeing the finish line of a marathon in the far distance. That goal keeps me running.


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