Endings bitter and sweet

In my early teens, I kept a list of firsts. Some were achievements: First time writing a letter to the editor. First cross-country running meet. Some were experiences: First kiss. First time I eating escargot.

That sort of thing.

Firsts are amazing. And beginning a novel is like going on a first date with someone you have a crush on. You feel a little light-headed from exhilaration. You brace yourself for the unexpected. You are dazzled.

The thrill of the adventure does call to me.

But endings are even better than beginnings. Your characters finally get fulfilled in ways they hadn’t imagined. Relationships are healed. The little stories get wrapped up in unexpected ways. Mysterious threads are pulled through to provide a satisfying conclusion. It all comes together in a symphony of flavors.

I’m still a sucker for the stomach lurching excitement of a new beginning, plunging into the unknown, but sometimes I’d rather just imagine that part, while I close my eyes and take a bite.


  1. I can't wait to reach that ending moment. I'm finally getting there, but I feel bad for leaving my characters in limbo.

  2. I know, Sarah. Why do we have to be so mean to them? :D Why can't they just live happy and fulfilled lives?


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