10 Reasons to be Grateful, Even on Bad Days (Tara Kelly)

1. I have people in my life I can call and/or write to when I'm going through a rough time. They listen. They comfort. They encourage. They don't tell me to stop complaining or try to point out how their situation is worse. They might be few in numbers, but they have a big place in my heart.

2. My cat. Some people think I'm crazy, but I consider him family. I love him as much as I do any human family member or friend. We get into debates over the benefits/consequences of carpet scratching or chewing on books. We tease each other all the time--I call him goofy names, he sits behind me and smacks me with his tail. He sits near me while I write, silently encouraging me to keep going. He crawls into my arms every night and snuggles with me, calming my mind and helping me sleep better.

3. My imagination. How could I be an artist without it? Art IS my life.

4. Having two published books. Even if I never traditionally publish again or have widespread distribution, I accomplished a life-long dream. One I never thought possible growing up. And my readers...the people who have supported me through both books. Who write amazing reviews. Who tell me never to stop. You are the reason I write.

5. I inherited the musical gene. I can play by ear. Melodies and entire songs just come out of me--although some songs make me work for them. And I admit...I love that I can do this. I love that I can pick up the guitar or sit in front of the piano and just start playing, no plans or sheet music necessary.

6. My music studio. It took us years of savings and slowly buying things to piece it together, but I have an amazing place to record. I have my dream guitars, those that call to me and sing for me just the way I want them to. I have a master sound designer for a bf, so he makes all kinds of fun synth sounds for me to play with. Really, it's one big playground for me that I wish I had more time for.

7. Dark chocolate. I'm thankful for all varieties of chocolate, but dark chocolate is a guilt-free treat for me. I have a square every day and call it health food :)

8. The ocean. I grew up living about a half hour from the ocean, and every time I've lived more than a drive away I've ended up moving closer again. The ocean has always helped me put things into perspective. It allows me to let go and enjoy life.

9. Writers, musicians, and other artists who make my world brighter and more exciting. Who inspire me. Who have me at the edge of my seat, waiting for their next story or album. I wouldn't be the artist I am today if it wasn't for those who inspired me growing up.

10. A roof over my head. Food on the table. A warm bed. Plenty of water to drink. These might seem like simple things, but I never forget that a lot of people don't have the basics. Whenever I fret over how broke I am, I remind myself of this.


  1. Yes to #10. Can't do the creative work if you don't have the basics.

  2. I'm grateful for you, Tara since you fit categories #1 and #9 for me. I love your list and totally concur... except for that I have no musical talent... But I am grateful for people like you who do to provide me with inspiring music!


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