TOTAL GRATITUDE (Danielle Joseph)

This has definitely been a busy fall, days whizzing by me--super mom by day and night and author in between. Sometimes I can't tell the weekdays from the weekends. So I'm glad our theme this month is gratitude because it makes me take a pause and ponder everything that is going on.

I am thankful for many family members and friends in my life for supporting my writing career. My number one supporter is my husband. He is my rock and sounding board. My kids provide me with great inspiration and for that I'm very thankful for too. And of course all my friends that attend my author events and ask how the writing is going.

I also couldn't live without the amazing writing community. I love how we can provide support for each other and bounce ideas off of each other even though we are not physically getting together.

Readers are amazing and every time I hear from one it's insta-smile.I never get tired from hearing from teens and talking to them about writing. I did an author visit at a school yesterday and talked anout passion. After my presentation a girl ran up to me and told me that she had so much passion for witing that she couldn't live without it. I told her I felt the exact same way she at her age and feel exactly the same now twenty plus years later. So I am thankful for being able to have a career that I'm passionate about. I love writing!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Hope you are filled with health, happiness and passion!


  1. I'm grateful for you, Danielle. I hope we meet up again in the not too distant future!

  2. Thanks Lauren, I'm so grateful for you too! We are definitely getting that pedicure next time!!

  3. Family, friends, and fans are the best!


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