GOALS 2012 by Wendy Delsol

Must we? In order to identify areas where we seek improvement, it’s necessary to broadcast our less-than-perfect selves. But okay. So as not to be the pooper of the group, I’ll ’fess up and resolve to improve on the following:

I’ll set a realistic deadline for my current work in progress. 2011 was a little … shall we say … nuts. I have other more colorful adjectives for that particular twelve month span, but I reserve those nuggets for occasions when the repeat of them would be your word against mine. Anyway, in 2011, I released two novels and wrote one. With edits and promotion (of my 2010 release) and book-related travel, the manuscript I wasn’t writing (the third in my Stork trilogy) became a constant source of stress and worry. I did finish it, but it required a very grueling schedule, one that had me miss our family vacation, work seven-day weeks, and press new frown lines into my forehead (like I needed more of those). This year, I’ll know my limits.

I’m not a complete slacker when it comes to exercise. Tennis is my sport of choice, but unfortunately an arm injury limits me to only one or two days of serves and volleys a week. And with the above mentioned work load, workouts were something that simply got cut from the schedule. Next year I’m adding Zumba into the mix. Anyone out there into Zumba? So much stinkin’ fun! In addition to my tennis team and the occasional walk, I plan on sambaing my way back into some of the jeans that have been out of rotation.

As the mother of two teen boys (14 and 16), my shopping list includes requests such as Oreos, Doritos, cookie-dough ice cream, Reese’s peanut butter cups … I could go on and on. Suffice it to say that I’m surrounded by temptation. And thoroughly disappointed in what I now allow my kids to consume. This from one who, when my kids were toddlers, was a Whole Foods regular. I now find myself looking around guiltily lest a neighbor see me unloading the 24-pack of Coke, Funyuns, and frozen pizzas. And with my insane 2011 writing schedule, there weren’t many home-cooked meals. In 2012, I’m consciously thinking about food as fuel, shopping the outer aisles more often (as opposed to the inner aisles of processed foods), and getting my unadventurous eaters to try healthier options. If only some of my old tricks were still available to me, but … hey … I’m a creative type, right?

I think I’ll quit there. I’m a firm believer that goals only work when realistic. If I were to add a bunch more resolutions—like learning patience or sticking to a budget or tackling Faulkner—then nothing would get done.

Happy 2012 to one and all. Life is an amazing journey. I wish you unexpected treasures, rewarding detours, delightful company, and a tailwind.


  1. What a beautiful last paragraph...Wishing you a tailwind as well, Wendy!

  2. I agree with Holly. *sigh*

    Best of luck with your goals for the new year! They sound both effective and realistic :)

  3. yes to the tailwind! And al the rest.


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