What's on the Nightstand by Kimberly Sabatini

The nightstand, piled high with books already, is only complete if I put my e-reader and my phone on top of the stack. I read on those (e-book and audiobook) as much as I read good, old fashioned paper books.

My list is varied and I read lots of books at once. This is partially because I'm reading with my boys and partially because I'm a person who just wants to read ALL THE BOOKS!

Because there is just no other way to do it--I'm going to dive right in and give you what I've got.

*AIRMAN by Eoin Colfer--I listened to this audiobook in the car awhile back with my oldest son (when it was just him home on a school break) and loved it. He was adamant that I read it and I'm so glad I did. My three boy collective just finished THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN and now we're listening to AIRMAN in the car because my oldest and I knew they'd love it too.

*The boys and I are just starting WAKE UP MISSING as one of our nightly reads. We are loving it already, but that was a given because we are HUGE Kate Messner fans!

*THE HOUSE OF HADES (The Heroes of Olympus, #4) has taken us forever to finish because it's huge and we do a chapter at a time, but as always, Rick Riordan's work is a favorite. And the end is so good and so close!!!!!

*CRESS (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer--I started this as another spring break audiobook with my oldest but we didn't finish it together, so we've split up for the remainder of the book. LOVING it! Captain Thorne is my favorite--the dude just makes me want to get in my car and drive somewhere so I can find out what happens next. Love this series. <3

*THE BOMBING OF PEARL HARBOR, 1941 (I SURVIVED #4) --We recently read BOMB: THE RACE TO BUILD--AND STEAL--THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS WEAPON by the fabulous Steve Sheinkin and the boys wanted more info on Pearl Harbor and picked this one. We aren't too far in, but they are liking it already.

*REALITY BOY by A.S. King--I am in a dark and gritty contemporary YA phase AND I'll read anything by A. S. King. I LOVE her body of work. And Gerald--this boy--he's the kind of kid who made me a special education teacher. ((((((hugs)))))) An amazing read. Can't put it down at night.

*COUNTING BY 7'S by Holly Goldberg Sloan--The boys and I just started this one also. It feels like a worthy follow up to WONDER, OUT OF MY MIND and MOCKINGBIRD.

*THE GIRAFFE AND THE PELLY AND ME by Roald Dahl because the boys and I think that you should read EVERYTHING Dahl has ever written. So, go and do it. Now.

*MARINE FOR HIRE by Tawna Fenske--Wolf Pack Sexy Times Adult novel! Tawna is repped by my agent (Michelle Wolfson) and I'm so glad--she writes the steamiest, yet funniest stuff I've ever read. Want a taste--go check out her insanely fun blog (Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing)

*I always try to be reading something non-fiction. Especially books that are writing inspirational or inform my craft. But I also do research for the books I'm working on or sometimes a topic just catches my interest. Right now it's HOW CAN I KEP FROM SINGING: PETE SEEGER by David King Dunaway.

In addition to all these lovely books, I also have subscriptions to PEOPLE, INSTYLE, RUNNERS WORLD, WRITER'S DIGEST and THE WRITER. But because I moved--I'm sooooo behind on my magazines. Grrrrrr

PHEW! I think I got everything on my currently reading list. Don't ask me about what else is sitting on my night stand almost ready to go. Trust me, you do not have enough time for us to go there. *grin* I LOVE my books. <3

Have you read any of these? Thoughts? Since I like what I'm reading, any recommendations for books I shouldn't miss? What's on your night stand? 


  1. This makes me want to find a shade tree and start hitting my own TBR pile...

  2. Your TBR list looks like MY TBR list! Glad you put Reality Boy on there. I read Ask the Passengers and loved it and had forgotten AS King had another book out there.

    1. It's soooooo good. I love how she thinks and sees the world.


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