Scottish Warriors, Jamie and Claire, The Iron Throne and Other Things I Wish I'd Thought of

So maybe it's cheating a bit to write about books that aren't YA. Or that I think I mentioned in a 'what am I reading post.' But there at least 6 of these whoppers (or maybe it's only 5 and one still to come. I'm only on book 3, so I haven't looked that far ahead to be sure) But I have to say without hesitation that I wish I had come up with OUTLANDER. It's wild and romantic and time-travely and filled with the tiniest of historical detail that in a textbook might be boring but in this context I am ABSOLUTELY FINE with reading about herbs and plants that fend off scurvy and what they taste like. I am TOTALLY FINE learning how to set broken bones outside of a modern surgical context. Or the myriad ways to poison people. There are A LOT of ways to poison people.

I am thrilled to hear the Scottish brogue and delighted to read about kilts and plaids and learn about the Clans. (the Highland variety, that is). The details of the Jacobites get a bit thick, but Jamie is involved and Jamie is heroic. And fluent in both Gaelic and French. And wears nothing under his kilt. And is romantic and red-haired and tall and manly. And Claire is smart and often droll and willing to sacrifice for her passions.

And the torture scenes make me squirm but holy cow!

So yeah. I wish I'd written this. I'm glad Daina Gabaldon did.

For that matter, I wish I was George RR Martin and brilliant enough to write GAME OF THRONES. I might have given Sansa more spunk but that's my only quibble. Anyone who could create Tyrion
Lannister? I love the man. I wish I had half his story-telling prowess.

What do you wish you'd written?


  1. Outlander is one of those books that I keep hearing about, over and over, and there is going to a point--now?--where I finally think: Hey! I should pick up this book that everyone is raving about!

    1. Me too, Jody! I think it's time to add it to the summer reading list.

  2. Years ago I used to be on a Compuserve writers group headed up by Gabaldon. Back when the Internet was mysterious.

  3. Thank you for that 6 degrees of separation, April! Hah! And as for Outlander, a former student insisted like a million times that it was something I'd enjoy. And finally I was like okay. 1000 pages here I come. I figured I'd humor her. Now I am addicted to this saga.

  4. I'm totally missing out on GAME OF THRONES...

  5. i love Game of Thrones...especially the way characters can appear as heroes or villains...depending on the POV.


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