Gratitude and Grief (by Nancy Ohlin)

I had a blog post all ready to go about the things I’m grateful for: our new kittens, a recent wedding anniversary, the health and happiness of our children.  Also a rundown of our upcoming Thanksgiving festivities and a recipe for sage and butternut squash ravioli.

But.  All I can think about is what happened in Paris yesterday.  My heart grieves for the people of France.  

As I write this, my husband and our daughter are in the next room watching Food Network shows and eating popcorn.  Later today, we’ll walk down the hill to a children’s book fair at the high school, where we’ll make crafts and buy books and pet llamas.  My son is in his apartment in NYC, sleeping in after a long night of playing Mario Kart 8 with his roommates.

So much gratitude.  And so much grief. 

Paris, je t'aime.


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