Something New

by Tracy Barrett

Interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to announce the publication of my twenty-first book, and my very first to be self- (or indie-) published!
The Song of Orpheus: The Greatest Greek Myths You Never Heard is a collection of retellings of little-known Greek myths, intended for the young fan (upper MG to younger YA) who’s tired of reading the same stories over and over again. Readers who aren’t so familiar with the subject won’t feel left out, though—I included a glossary of characters and places. (In order to make this section appealing to the Greek-myth geek too, I made sure there was at least one little-known fact in each definition.)

Kirkus Reviews says: "Accessible and entertaining, these stories provide a thoughtful, fresh take on a classic subject."

I’ve revived my own blog to discuss why I chose this route, why I chose this book to be my debut indie, what work I farmed out, and some financial aspects.

Post 1: A new (ad)venture! (Why indie publish? Why this book?)
Post 2: My self-publishing adventure: Part II (Agency-assisted self-publishing)
Post 3: My self-publishing adventure: Part III (What services I farmed out)
Post 4: My self-publishing adventure: Part IV (The business side, including costs)


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