Friday, October 13, 2017

Ode To The Belly Button by Jodi Moore

It may have been because this post was on my mind.

It may have been because I was walking in 1000% humidity and my brain had started to melt.

It may have been because we all look at art differently.

Most likely, it’s because I’m weird.

With apologies to the artist, as I’m sure this statue does not depict what immediately came to my mind…

I give you…Ode to the Belly Button.

In all honesty, I found it challenging to write a positive blog post about starting over when so many, what with the recent hurricanes, fires and violence, are doing just that.

It can be disheartening. Overwhelming. Exhausting. And many of us may feel as if we’re sinking…tethered to an anchor that continues to pull us down.

But this beautiful sculpture, this lovely swirling piece of art, made me think of a belly button; a constant reminder of when our umbilical cords were severed and we were first separated from the safety of our mothers’ wombs. When we began our journeys to become individuals. When we had to learn pretty much how to do everything: how to walk, how to talk, how to interact with others.

And we did. We broke from that initial tether. We started over in an uncertain world. Peppered with monsters. Salted with giggles. Sweetened with wonder.

Of course, a huge part of learning about life for me was through reading books, first on my mother’s lap, then independently. And then welcoming my own children on my lap.

Stories teach us that we can be king (or queen!) of the Wild Things. That friends may be found in the most unlikely places. And that even nightmares need a little love and understanding at times.

Books enlighten us. They encourage us to engage. Empathize. Embrace.

And they allow us to realize that each day is a chance to start over. To help make the world a better place. Some of us will make the trek to tame the monsters. Some will calm the nightmares. Others will build the bridges to friendships.

When evening comes, we’ll hopefully break from our tasks to break bread together and share soup.

While it’s still hot.

Because we’ll need our energy. After all, tomorrow is yet another chance to start over.


  1. You know, it really does look like a belly button! LOL, the artist probably titled it something ponderous like, "The Eternal Struggle!" I loved this post; your philosophy is quite Scarlett-like, "tomorrow is another day!"

    1. Ha - thanks, Janet. It wasn't until after I finished my walk (get those steps in!) that I realized there was probably a plaque somewhere on it that I could have looked. And thanks for your sweet words about the post! xoxo

  2. That's a perfect description of that sculpture. We've got a piece of public art here in town--giant yellow metal sticks going every which way, all piled up. Springfieldians call it "The French Fries."

    1. LOL! I love that...we need to come up with a theme that allows you to share that. ;-) xoxo