What happened this year?

I grew.

So did you.

Maybe everyone around you had a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT kind of year. Some years are--your book gets published, or you move to a new state, or you graduate, or you get married, or your kid goes to kindergarten, etc., etc., etc. Some years are Big Changes kind of years.

Well. They're External Changes kind of years, anyway. 

The others? They're made up of internal changes. And often, these can be the most profound changes of all. They're usually not made up of things you can brag about. They're usually not made up of things that the outside world would smile upon. They're not made up of things that bring money or admiration. 

But they are usually the years when you find some sort of new happiness. You learned to cook. You discovered gardening. You found yoga was good for your soul. You reconnected with an old friend. You finally decluttered your house to make way for the new. You finally established common ground with a co-worker (or maybe even an in-law). You saw some situation from your kid's eyes and it changed your entire perspective. You figured out how to get past page 10 in your WIP. You got twenty rejections for your book--which you'd never even had the guts to submit before. You read and you felt and you experienced. You bumped along, but you paid attention, and now, you have new ideas about which direction you'll be headed in 2019.

You grew.

Yes, you.

Even if you didn't have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT kind of year. You are a different you than you were this time last year. 

You grew.


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