The Secret to My Amazing Writing Life by Kimberly Sabatini

Deep breath...

     This might not be
        what you expect.

            I kinda didn't expect it either.

                  But its the truth--or at least it's my truth.

It's been SEVEN years since I published TOUCHING THE SURFACE.

And like most neurotic creatives, there was a period where I was a little freaked out by the passage of time between my first book and my second book. There were voices in my head and on my shoulders and maybe even in my shoes, that were whispering all the worst things I could dream up and piping them directly into my brain and my heart.

It sometimes felt scary and sad.

My self-doubt and insecurity had a way of creating more self-doubt and insecurity.

    But I kept writing,
because I couldn't imagine life without it.
And the longer I kept writing,
the more something wonderful happened...

I fell deeper in love with muy creativity than ever before.
I'm aware I didn't hit that traditional measuring stick at the "optimal" time.
And just so you know, it wasn't that I didn't try to hit it.
I really did.
Somedays I had a stick in each hand
and I was swinging like mad.

In fact, since that first novel published, I've written two full YA novels and I'm almost done with #3.
     I've written a young Middle-Grade Novel.
          And I've also written multiple Picture Books. 
                I'm one of the SCBWI Eastern NY Hudson Valley Shop Talk Coordinators.
                    I attend several conferences a year.
                         I constantly immerse myself in books on craft.
                              I  take online classes. 
                                    And I volunteer my time to help both writers and readers whenever I can.
                                         I'm also all those other things in my life that aren't directly related to craft.

And all these things bring great joy and satisfaction to my life.
So, guess what?


How could I be? 
I'm making art every day and it makes me so freaking happy and proud of myself. 

And I'm good at it and getting better all the time.

That feels like success. 
It tastes like chocolate and smells like fall.

I'm also confident that my second book will arrive for me when it's supposed to. 
And I suspect I will be glad that I took the time to get it right.
Because who really wants to write one--wrong?

Do I wish I was prolific enough to put out publishable novels a couple times a year? 
Not gonna lie--that would be amazing.

But that's not where I've been standing. 

My secret is...

I'm just a person who thinks very deeply about the things she writes and takes her time mining her inner self and the world around her in order to try and create something meaningful--first and foremost for her own growth and well being. 

  And I deeply believe that if I write and create with curiosity and purpose, 
my work will connect with others because like attracts like. 

Can I get faster?
Become a better writer?
Brush up on marketing?
Make more connections? 
Improve in a variety of ways that will progress me on my journey?

Yes, I can and I'm always working on it!

But while I do, I can also remind myself that the secret to my amazing writing life is...ME.

What's the secret to your amazing life?


  1. Love this post, Kimberly! You're an amazing writer and person. I'm excited for that next book...whenever it happens. Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much! I feel the same way about you. <3

  2. I love this! You are amazing. And when you are ready to share we will be lining up at our local book store.❤

    1. You always make me feel like an undiscovered gem. I may be emailing you soon if that's okay?

  3. This is perfection, honesty and truth all wrapped up in one sweet package. And so are YOU! Can I just say "what Kim said" for my blog this month? ;-) xoxo

  4. Aw love this! We all feel this way! I got my agent in May and immediately freaked out thinking what I sent her before I signed is the best I was ever going to have, but I just sent her new stuff and she liked them all! I had to ask if she really meant it and she did😍 it's so hard to wait though. That's one of the hardest things in this business.
    Kaitlyn Sanchez @KaitlynLeann17

  5. LOVE This! A whole bunch of us could say "me too" and we know exactly what it is to walk this cobbly path.

  6. Oh, man, this is fantastic. I understand ALL of this. I'm so with you.


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