Building New Paths

I’m basically a terrified person.

I wasn’t always. But when something terrible happens in your life that you never expected - never dreamed could ever happen - ends up happening, it suddenly seems possible that something terrible could happen at any time. And the possibilities feel endless.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I became a writer. To somehow channel those possibilities. To make sense of them. To calm my fears with fictitious resolution.

Recently, a lot of things have plagued my mind: climate change and environmental protection, Covid 19, racism. One of our sons expressed concern that I might grow paralyzed by fear.

And I realized something. I’m not paralyzed by fear. I’m angry. No, I’m enraged.

Because what’s going on isn’t unexpected. It was predicted. All of it.

Was it inevitable? I don’t think so. It could have been rerouted if the path had changed.

And here's the thing. It can be rerouted NOW.

But paths can’t change themselves. New paths are created by footsteps. Lots of footsteps...walking together, step-by-step, rejecting the previous road. 

Sometimes there are markers to follow.

Sometimes we can team up with friends.

Sometimes we need to start a new path on our own.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m still afraid, but the anger is grounding. Refreshing. Empowering.

And I’m starting to see some change. People who’d grown silent are starting to speak out. Those who have been yelling into what must have felt like an abyss are finally being heard. Despite the threat of illness, millions are pouring into the streets to protest.

Paths are being carved. With feet. Hands. Hearts.

Some are walking, some are running. Some are screaming, some are singing. Some are talking, some are writing.

Most importantly, some are listening.

With these new paths come bridges that connect us on both physical and philosophical levels. With these bridges come empathy. And with that empathy, a glimmer of hope.

Come with me...we’re making progress, but there’s still so far to go.

Let us share our stories, promote change and help heal the world.

Oh, and if you join a protest? Please wear a mask. Like I said earlier, I’m basically a terrified person.


  1. I love the reminder that it's a conscious choice to re-carve a path and the sooner you do it, the easier it is. Waiting has no benefit here. <3

  2. Well said. As I read this, I had two thoughts. First, since I'm retired and my wife is gone much of the week to care for our grandkids, I spend a LOT of time in my head. That's good for the writer cynic part of me, but it has also shown me that I'm mentally tougher than I realized and being isolated is probably better for those numbskulls who believe other than I and whine about taking sensible precautions during this viral insanity.
    The other thought is that compost is essential for good plant health, but the process of getting it there is pretty messy and smelly...Just like ouir current outrage.

  3. I think we're all learning a lot about ourselves and the people who surround us. Messy indeed. Hugs!


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