Spark to Spark by Kimberly Sabatini

This month we are blogging about fear.

I don't think there's ever been a time in my life where there's been so much to be afraid of.
And yet, despite the fear--
There are so many sparks of hope that keep rising from the unknown.

But I shouldn't be surprised.
The same patterns repeat when I pay attention.

I see it it clearly when I look at the years since the fire on my property.
The disaster started with a spark from power line.
There was so much smoke and chaos.
Scorched earth and charred trees.
Then there was the oddity of the sudden change--so barren and unfamiliar.
It felt like all the color in the world was taken away.
The trees kept falling--unable to stay rooted in the upheaval.
But resilient weeds began to grow--tendrils of hope.
And now--once again.
What catches my eye is a spark of green.
A field in the middle of the forest.

Spark to spark.

Look for that same pattern in the middle of all this fear.
Whether it's a pandemic, politics, social justice or even publishing.
There's a circular pattern to beginnings and endings.
That's how we write the best books.
We wouldn't lie to you.

Recognizing the patterns when you're afraid can be comforting.
Even in the middle the scariest things igniting around us.
But if we can take the heat, see through the smoke, persist--give it some time...
We will often find another spark on the other side.


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