Fantasy School Mirroring Real High School Experiences by Allie Burton


When you write in the young adult fantasy genre, the author gets to be creative. And while we may make up courses such as Runes, Spellcrafting, Arts of Alchemy, we still need to show a few normal teen classes like math and science.

For example, in regular high school math you might have a problem like: A Train leaves Boston at 6:45 pm, averaging 30 mph. Another train headed in the same direction leaves Boston at 7:45 pm, averaging 60 mph. To the nearest minute, at what time will the second train overtake the first train?

In a fantasy academy the problem might be: A witch flies on a broomstick from the school at 6:45 pm, averaging 13 mph. A dragon flies from the school headed in the same direction leaving at 7:45 pm, averaging 66 mph. To the nearest minute, at what time will the dragon overtake the witch?

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You’ve all heard of Quidditch, right? Sports is another way that fantasy academies mirror real schools. While regular high schools have soccer, basketball, and volleyball, in Snow Witching White the favorite sport is Wand Dueling.

Then there are the cliques. In the real world there are pops, jocks, floaters, emo/goths, anime/manga, normals, druggies/stoners, loners, and more. In the fantasy world, there are the same types of cliques but with a twist. Instead of pops, there might be powerful pops. Instead of jocks, there might be super jocks with superpowers or magical athletes. You get the idea.

No matter where you go to school as a freshman or first year or even a transfer student, most students feel like a fish out of water (or in water as would be the case with my Lost Daughters of Atlantis series). Not knowing where you fit in or your way to class. Not knowing which activities to join or the ones to avoid. Not knowing anyone.

Something all of us can relate to no matter if we go to a real high school or an imaginary one.

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  1. I suck at math, but I think the dragon overtakes the witch at 7:57 pm

    1. So close! But since you're the only one that attempted to answer you win a free ebook of Snow Witching White. Email me your information so I can send at


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