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Woke up, fell out of bed
Dragged a comb across my head
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup
And looking up, I noticed I was late…

     “A Day in the Life” by the Beatles

This month, we’ve been asked to write about a typical day in the life. I’m a writer, an editor, a parent, a volunteer, a dance mom (not a super good one), a chauffeur, the captain of this team I call my family. That is to say, I’m busy. Some of what I do every day is, while essential, mundane and mind-numbing. But even on my busiest day, I make time for things that bring balance and joy to my life.

I’ve got a list of 14 things I aim to accomplish each day, a list that I started 10 years ago with three items and has grown over the years.

I admit, it’s a rare day when I actually complete all fourteen (okay, I probably never have, especially considering I added one to the list in January). There are a couple of things that I never miss, and I can usually accomplish a handful, even on my busiest days.

Meditate – I’ve meditated nearly every morning for the last eight years or so, usually a guided meditation. Related but not technically on the list: Let that sh*t go.

Move – I’m much better in the summer months about moving every day–yoga, a hike, a walk around the block with the pups. This winter has been long and sluggish and I’m looking forward to getting back on the trail this spring.

Gratitude – Each morning, I write down three things for which I am grateful. Some months, coffee makes the list every single day.

Journal – Sometimes I attempt Morning Pages (from The Artist’s Way), sometimes I write in a guided journal, sometimes I’m lucky to be able to jot down a few lines about the day in a notebook.

Connect – New this year, I hope to make some sort of connection every day with another writer, a reader, or someone related to the business of writing. Maybe it’s an hour-long sprint with another author over text or beta reading or reaching out to a bookstore owner about an event or class. Maybe it’s congratulating someone with good news on social media or posting a review or responding to a reader’s post about one of my books.

Create – Every day, I tap into my creativity in some way. This should mean that I’ve drafted or revised but I don’t beat myself up if it doesn’t happen.

Stretch – This could mean physically standing up and stretching for 10 minutes on a day when I’ve been at my computer all day or it could be trying something new and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Promote – Probably the thing I do the least… promote myself and my books. I really need to get better about this.

Real food – I’m attempting to fuel my body with real, nutritious food and less junk.

Hydrate – Drink. More. Water.

Strike – What can I strike from my to-do list or calendar to make time for more important things? Not always possible but I give it my best shot.

Read – Every day, I read something for pleasure. This is an easy one.

Love – Choose love. Share love. Show love.

One thing – Do one thing every day to move a bit closer to my dream of being a successful full-time author. One thing to #KeepMovingForward.

The list is long but I’m at my best when I’ve accomplished as many of these as I can. Are there certain things you do every day to help you life your best life and work toward your goals?


  1. I'm a big list-maker, too. I'm TERRIBLE about journaling. And the water thing. :) I love so many of these--stretch, love, connect. Such great reminders.

  2. I love these 14 things, Sara! I think I do most of them, but not with this clear focus and intention. Inspiring!


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