A day in the life of this writer (Laurie Faria Stolarz)

For this month on the blog, we’re describing a typical day in the life of a writer – as if such a thing exists. My days vary widely depending on my kids’ lives, the time of year, whether or not I’m working on a deadline, various family matters and commitments, and more. But, here is my stab at a “typical” day in my life. 



I get up, groggy and bleary-eyed, when the alarm goes off. I am not a morning person – at all. I watch or listen-to videos or podcasts as I get ready for the day. The videos and podcasts are very much dependent on my mood: cooking/food-inspired, motivational speakers, true-crime, other writers, fashion hauls, and capsule wardrobe ideas (I know, I know, but fashion is one of my guilty pleasures.)



I’m out the door. 



I start tutoring (luckily, I live five minutes away from the school.) I almost don’t even know how this job happened. Long story short, my younger son was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was in elementary school (he’s okay that I share this.) I didn’t agree with the proposed remediation plan our town offered, so I rejected the services and started tutoring him on my own using a program geared for those with language-based-reading differences. Easier said than done for most, I know. I just happen to be a “language-y” person – and, at the time, I wasn’t working a traditional outside-the-home-full-time job; I had the luxury – and the ability – to do this for my kiddo. Anyway, the program (Orton Gillingham) worked for him. He was reading at grade-level by the end of the year. The principal at his school saw my kiddo’s progression and asked if I might help a couple of their students. Six years later, I’m now certified in OG, and the school continues to add students to my docket. I love it – there’s nothing quite like getting kids to read – but the job kind of just came to me.



I’m out of there. If it’s Tuesday or Thursday, I head off to the college where I’ve been teaching – off and on, part-time, since my first book came out (in 2003). I teach various creative writing classes. I love this job too.  



I’m back home, doing some combination of class-prepping, self-marketing, and creative writing. 



Food prep. Vegan and non-vegan delights. My husband often helps. 



I’m back to working on my own creative writing/work-in-progress.



In bed, in my tech- and screen-free sanctuary, where I take notes on my work-in-progress and do some reading.



Lights out, complete with sound machine (ocean waves, crickets chirping, white noise…)



In addition to this routine: 

Every day/every-minute/every-hour

I’m a mom to two boys, both totally different, and both totally passionate about what they love: for one, it’s art; for the other, it’s science and language. 


Throughout the day

I drink coffee and unsweetened seltzer water, check and respond to email, tend to my cat Pancake (in the form of cuddles and snacks), and support my family in any way I can (as therapist, homework tutor, editor, personal shopper, stylist, hairdresser, accountant, nurse, driver, housekeeper, interior decorator, gardener, college counselor, life coach, and at-home chef).


Friday Fun Day, I have off from tutoring and teaching and work on my writing and marketing all day.

At least 2x/week

I make time for friends: walking, dining, phone-chatting, meeting for coffee…


I participate in a choreographed dance class that I’ve been part of for eighteen years. I love the people, the community, and the workout. 



I go for walks. I’m so lucky to live in a beautiful seaside town that makes walking lovely, easy, and inspiring.


I talk to and/or see my mom.


From time to time

I tutor high school students with their college-application essays, helping them find their stories. From time to time, I also do some freelance writing coaching, helping clients work on their works-in-progress. I love both of these side-gigs too. 




  1. It's so cool that you continue to help students with reading differences.


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