And a Happy New Year to You...In Jail!


Did you ever notice that even though Mr. Potter failed in his efforts to get George thrown in prison and out of business, he still kept the thousands of dollars he stole from Uncle Billy? 

It's just not Christmas at my house until we all set around the TV and watch one of the holiday classics. We cackle as Mr. Potter refuses George Baily a life-saving loan. The slap our knees as Scrooge gives his 'Are there no prisons?' spiel. And we tear up just a little when Hans Gruber plunges off that tower (my wife got me a 'Die Hard' themed Advent calendar this year).

But there are certain Grinches out there who don't appreciate the majesty of the season. Who claim that 'Gremlins' is not a holiday movie. Who complain that they've seen 'A Christmas Story' so many times they can recite the script. And even blasphemers who claim that 'Scrooged' was not the definitive 'A Christmas Carol' retelling.

But as we sit down and enjoy our roast beast, let us never forget the true meaning of the holiday. Those holiday travelers, for whom there was no room at the inn. The Griswolds. 

Light the lamp, not the rat!


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