The Plot is the Thing (Brian Katcher)


That's the title of an excellent short story by Psycho author Robert Block (the title, not the meme).

So I've been accused to reusing the same plot in all my stories: nerdy guy meets unconventional girl and sparks fly. Well, my accusers are wrong. Right now I'm working on a story about a nerdy GIRL meeting an unconventional GUY. So there.

But the question do you come up with an original plot, especially in YA? Personally, I think each YA subgenre can be broken down into a few general plots.


YA Romance:

*Meet Cute

*Friends to Lovers

*Enemies to Lovers


YA Horror:

*My best friend died in an accident...or was it?

*The thing in the woods/abandoned house/creepy town

*Generational curse


YA Contemporary:

*My family/town won't accept who I am

*Victim of hate/poverty

*Screwball plan (Not enough of this, in my opinion)


YA Fantasy:

*The quest

*The shapeshifter/werecreature

*Onset of superpowers


YA science fiction/dystopia:

*Slave to an evil dictatorship

*We will rise from the ashes

*The End is near


YA historical:

*Slave to colonialism

*Heroes from the same culture as the author, two hundred years ago

*You like this historical figure? Think again!


 There you have it. Every possible YA plot. If  you can think of any others, tell me in the comments. You'll be wrong, but tell me anyway.




  1. Sometimes, I think books are a bit like pop songs. NOTHING in the world more formulaic than a pop song. But the formula doesn't make it any easier.

  2. So true. The skill is in mixing the ingredients better than others.


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