My First Time

Welcome to my first regular blog post. That's right: first.

I've written guest posts for some wonderful sites, but until now I've never committed to anything regular and ongoing, for myself or anyone else. I admit it--I was wary. My characters speak in the first person more than I do. They're so upfront and articulate about their thoughts and feelings, about the kinds of yearnings,hopes and humiliations I tend to keep to myself. Yes, they draw from my life, but they're not me on the page.

Here's what drew this fairly private private author to commit to blogging on the 18th of every month: a community gathering around writing outside the lines and from the heart. Because that's what I hope to do every time I sit down to write, access something honest and brave and new and alive enough to strike a resonating chord within me and in the hearts of those who read my words. Maybe that's why, in both my books, the heroine has to find a strength and power--an honesty--deep within herself that she didn't realize she had.

What does writing outside the lines mean to me? Letting the story carry me where it needs to go. My stories tend to go roaming through different genres--myth, folk and fairy tales, romance, mystery, suspense, comedy, intrigue. They draw on buried secrets (and strengths), dreams, transformations, the ancient world popping up in the present. I try not to think about what's currently hot; I want the heat to come from a breathing character pushed beyond what she can handle.

And, to be honest, I like the heat of a good romance, whether between the lord of the underworld and the sheltered daughter of a goddess in Radiant Darkness--

. . . a retelling that turns the Greek myth of Persephone into a coming-of-age tale about a young woman making her own choices . . .

Or between a castle falconer and Addy, a time-traveling imposter passing herself off as the lord's betrothed in Wildwing--

. . . a tale of mistaken identity, castle intrigue,
and learning to follow your heart.

There it is again--following your heart. Writing from the heart, outside the lines. It's great to be here with you.


  1. Hi Emily :)
    Thank you for the excellent post.
    I love your beautiful covers!
    All the best,

  2. I know what you mean--ask me to write about something or someone else and I'm fine, but ask me to write about myself and I'm a deer in the headlights!
    Thanks for sharing what it means to you to write outside the lines! :)

  3. Wow, to be honest Emily, I'd never heard of these stories, but I am so glad I came by today! They sound great--in particular Radiant Darkness. I look forward to getting to know more about you, your writing style and your stories on future 18ths!

  4. OMG! Didn't know you wrote Radiant Darkness. I really want to get to read both your books, Emily! They both sound fab. :) I've been in love with the cover for Wildwing, ever since I first saw it. I think I've always really been taken by the whole mirror concept.

    Nice post. I'm really digging all these intro posts from all the authors.

  5. I'm really excited to be on a blog with you, Emily. As a fellow Greek Myth lover, I adored Radiant Darkness. Glad you've decided to regularly blog here!

  6. I love the "heat of a good romance" too, Emily. And Greek mythology too? An irresistible combination. Keep writing them!


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