A Little More Obsessed

Last month I let you in on a few of my past and present obsessions: Running (past and present), weight training (ditto), jewelry making (blessedly past), and, most recently, promoting my first YA novel Fairest of Them All (present and, hopefully future).

I could tell you about my prairie planting and guinea fowl obsessions, but the release of A & L Do Summer is May 10. Woo hoo! So I’ll keep my focus on my promotional ideas, gimmicks, and the book-related things I’ve been hoarding that aren't likely to sell a single copy. To understand—as much as anyone who isn’t obsessed can—you need to know something about the storyline:

In Iowa farm country, sixteen-year-old Aspen and her friend Laurel plan to get noticed the summer before their senior year and are unwittingly aided by pig triplets, a skunk, a chicken, bullies, a rookie policeman, and potential boyfriends.

As you can see, the story features several non-human characters. The bullies are barely human, but that's a different post. I thought it would be fun to have the animal characters on my table during book signings, so I went on a search for stuffed animals that could sit by themselves and were the right size to be noticed but not take up all my elbowroom. As you can see, I opted for just one pig because three would be too many. Moderation in all things is my motto.

There will be bookmarks, and I love a good tassel. Beaded is better. But farm animal beads have been hard to find. I thought these cute little pigs could be skewered and strung, but, at 35 cents per swine, I passed. A temporary setback. If you find reasonably priced plastic farm animal beads suitable for stringing, please let me know. If the price is right and the beads will work--without skewering--there’s a signed copy of A & L Do Summer in it for you!

The last obsession I’ll burden you with today started out innocently enough. I thought it would be fun to assemble a little silver necklace with the charms A & L. I’ve never been a charm person (Some would say "never been charming,” but what do they know?), so I was surprised when I saw the variety out there. Why, you can find a charm to represent almost anything: pigs, chickens, skunks, policemen, etc., etc., etc. Wouldn’t a few more charms be even cuter? A few more?

Here it is--a charm necklace any chiropractor would love. Can I wear it at book signings? Not without severe neck strain. But I’m thinking there might be a book giveaway contest here somewhere. Maybe I’ll have people guess what character or event each charm represents and the person who guesses the most correctly wins a signed copy of the book. The only drawback—in order to guess correctly you’d have to read it first.

Did I say drawback? Hmm.


  1. These are all fun, great ideas! Good luck with your book release!

  2. These are glass but they have pigs.


  3. Also, here https://www.birdsupplynh.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1396

    and here http://www.orientaltrading.com/1/1/20702-500-fabulous-foam-fun-the-farm-bead-assortment.html

    I used to give beads to my students as rewards when I taught. =)

  4. May 10 is not so far away!
    Good luck with the release (mine is the 15th or 1st depending where you look lol)

  5. I LOVE your little stuffed animals!!! I bet people ask if they're for sale (I'm sure if someone buys enough books, you just might consider it!).

    Best of luck on the release!!!! What a great way to ring in Spring.

  6. Thanks, ladies! And thank you for the information, Krystey. I'm excited to check into it!

  7. Hey, Krystey, thanks again for the links. The plastic beads are a little too big for bookmarks, and the glass ones are out of my price range. But I appreciate your taking the time to share them.


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