Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to write in the Spring? No. Really. How??


My favorite season. As a Canadian who lives in a snowy province with long winters, I LOVE Spring.
I love the way people suddenly appear outside of their houses again. On bikes, in their yards, working, playing. We see neighbours we haven't seen all dark, long winter. Kids have magically gotten bigger.

The air smells better. The days are longer with more light. Things seem more magical. In theory flowers start to blossom. If I actually had a green thumb and could grow things. Me- I'm more of a murderer of plants and flowers though. I think even my mother in law has given up on me ever developing a greenish tinge on my body parts.

Spring. I get happier in the early days of Spring. I really do. I have bursts of energy when I go outside and smell the air and feel the promise of warmth on my bare skin. I sing for no reason. I am inspired to dance.

If only that translated to my writing life.

As a writer, Spring kind of sucks for me. While outside everything is coming back to life and blossoming, my writing brain seems to get distracted. I feel more cooped up than I do in the winter when I want to be inside where it's warm. I am a mole rat in the winter. But I get lots done. I don't want or need to venture out.

But Spring. Spring means that Summer is around the corner and as a stay at home mom/writer that means the boy will be home.  And though I love him more than life itself, it's not easy to meet writing goals without feeling like a failure as a parent. Unless I send him to camp. Which is not a bad idea at all. (mental note. Look up camps for boy for next season)

Also. In Spring, in my world there is a cabin to build.  Have I ever mentioned how my husband's dream was to build his own cabin? Which is great. But did I also mention that somehow, probably because we're married and all,  I have become his co-builder?

Finger puppet version of me and my husband meeting.

Me: Hi. My name is Janet. I want to live in a condo forever because I hate yard work. I hire people to fix things for me.  My brain goes in a coma state when I walk into a Home Depot. You're cute.

Hubby:  Hi. My name is Larry. I am living in a house that I am renovating. It is a mess. But I love to build things and fix things.  I have always wanted to build a cabin. You're cute too.

Me: Giggle. Smooch.

Hubby:  Hey! I like smooching with you. We should get married.

Me: Okay!

Hubby: Awesome. I need to teach you how to use a lawnmower.  Also I'll show you how to insulate the downstairs after you finish painting.  

Me: Um. Did I mention that I wanted to live in a condo?

So Spring means cottage building season. Which makes it hard to get much writing done. With plaster in my hair and insulation fiber all over my gloved fingers. Yeah, for me the dark and cold winter is when I am most productive. Usually.

This year things are different. I have a summer deadline for my new book (!) for Sourcebooks. So Spring and I will have to learn how to work together better.  I'm busy working on it now. And I have LOTS to do before the deadline. I'll have to bring my laptop along to cottage country and fit in some writing time between jobs at the cabin.

I'll be struggling to be productive as the season changes over.  

And yes, I'll happily take suggestions from people who actually become more productive in the Spring time!

Happy Spring. Make the writing juju be with you.


  1. Ooh cabin building sounds fun! Love how you and hubby met, lol!

    1. Oh Kristina. It makes me so sad when people say how much fun it must be. For I am a grouchy co-cabin builder. I'm getting better now that the cabin actually has electricity (!) and plumbing (!) but it has always been my husband's baby.

  2. You have the perfect excuse to skip out on the building work -- "Wish I could help with that insulation project, but you know I have this deadline. I'm just going to go outside where it's quiet and work out there." *cue the sun rays streaming down on your skin* Daydreaming is a very important part of writing ;)

    1. Oh yes. He has been prewarned. I have a deadline is music to my ears in cabin country!!

  3. I love spring: the sunshine and fresh air. I love even more that it came super early this year! I have mixed feelings for summer. Although I love it because, well, it's summer, it means kids are home all day long and writing is harder. As they get older, I'll have to try stick to a schedule. They are more independent now after all and I shouldn't have to amuse them ALL day long.

    1. Our Spring is holding out this year. For example there is supposed to be a snow storm tonight. I am not pleased.

      But yes. I hear you about Summer. Hard to write with kiddies around. And so many fun things to do outside!

  4. I do tons of outdoor writing when spring hits; I'm completely in love with my NEO--it runs on AA-batteries, has no Internet distractions, and can take serious beatings, which makes it perfect for typing up a storm under my fave tree, dog at my side...

  5. That is hysterical. I want more stories with finger puppets!