Every author likes to think they have achieved success based solely on their genius, independent from any outside influence.Well, it ain't so. For me, I made it this far by bleeding dry anyone who could possibly do me any good. From my terrific editor, Claudia Gabel, to the unrecognized geniuses in my writers' group, I got where I am today by treading on the faces of giants. There remains a group, however, who I owe a very real and tremendous debt, which I will now repay by with this cliche gesture.

I never would have become a writer without the following people

The late Mrs. Dawkins (third grade, Hawthorne Elementary)
Mr. Harley Marshall (fifth grade, Progress South Elementary)
Ms. Pat Turpin (Speech I, Ft. Zumwalt South High School)
Ms. Kelly Deters nee Barban (Creative Writing, FZS)
Mrs. Elaine Somers-Rogers (English 20, University of Missouri)

Those people taught me the joy of writing long before I realized what an impact it would have in my life. I'm sorry about the gum and the fart jokes. Thank you. And Mrs. T and Mrs. U (Ft. Zumwalt South Middle School), you tried your hardest to make me hate writing, but failed.

Hey, if you're in Joplin, MO on July 31st, come by and see me at the public library!


  1. What a great post...Have a fantastic time in Joplin, Brian!

  2. Awww lovely post. It's always nice when you get to a place where you've accomplished things and you can thank the others that helped you get there. =)


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