If it's November, It Must be Pilgrim Play Time

November was when I first knew I wanted to be a writer. I was seven years old and in second grade. We must have studied the Pilgrims. (this was a while ago, so I’m sure it was not politically correct in any way) I wrote a play about them, casting my friends in the roles.  I begged Mrs. Norma Bernsohn to let us perform it. She was a patient woman.

The play let us be clear, was god-awful. Truly bad. Not even when my mother typed it up for me did it get any better.
But Mrs. Bernsohn told me, “You’re an author.”
Of course it took me a few decades to believe her and get off my butt and write.

No title. Just a weird obsession with clean clothes. And a belief that all the Pilgrims came from Holland.

Feel free to perform at your Thanksgiving feasts.

Scene 1

Mary: Oh, we hardly have enough food to last us on the whole trip to Virginia, Sue.
Sue: I know it, Mary, but we will soon be there. We will have good crops and maybe the people there will show us how to make our homes snug inside.
Julie: Sue, we are near to shore now.
Sue: But Julie, all I see is trees and grass and how cold it is out.

Scene 2

Sue: The men are going down on the new land now, Mary.
Mary: But look, what is on the land, Sue?
Sue: Maybe the Indians are going to welcome us.
Julie: I certainly hope they're not angry at us, Sue.
Mary: Julie, listen to what the Captain is saying. All women go to shore.

Scene 3

Julie: Now we are on land, Mary and we must wash our clothes.
Joe: Hey, Jack!
Jack: Yes, Joe, those Indians are pretty friendly!
Joe: Well, let's start building and cutting down trees, Jack. Jack! I've made friends with some Indians.

Scene 4

Sue: We're certainly having a cold winter, Mary.
Mary: And a hard time finding food, too.
Julie: We are having so much snow this winter.

Scene 5

Mary: Now that the winter is over we shall have to thank God by having a feast.
Julie: We shall invite some Indians to share it with us.
Mary; When we are done, some of us shall go back home.
Sue: now we shall start our feast. The turkey is good and the cranberries are delicious.
Julie: Now that we are done, we shall say goodbye to some of us.
Mary: They shall go back to Holland.
All: Good bye. Good bye.

 PS: I am not making up the Holland thing. See here.


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