SUBTLE (Holly Schindler)

As a lifelong Ozarker, I'm pretty quick to say that my area of the country is absolutely beautiful.  I've lived here so long, I also have a tendency to think that the areas of the country that remind me of home are the prettiest. 

That goes for sights and sounds.  Ever watch WINTER'S BONE?  I was overwhelmed by the sounds in that movie, especially in the last scene.  The birds, the breeze...they were the noises that've filled my ears my entire life.  I was struck by how incredibly familiar it was.  Struck, too, by how rare it is to hear those sounds on film. 

Fall can be one of the most inspiring, gorgeous times here in the Ozarks.  Some autumns, the colors are so vibrant, it feels like a sin to be inside at all.  This year?  The fall is a bit more...muted.  Earthy.  Subtle.  But as I was out and about, filming clips for this video, I was reminded there can also be great beauty in subtlety...

What does your fall look like?


  1. I love Winter's Bone! And this is such a gorgeous video! In Miami we have a subtle autumn (but I always catch it in the breeze...and the acorns thumping my roof).

    1. Thanks, Crissa! We go through the crazy acorns, too...One year, they actually sounded like an incessant hail storm.


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