Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Force Me to Tell You My Secret Hobby

This month we are posting about our hobbies and how they inform our writing. I have a few hobbies--pretty standard stuff. I've danced since I was three years old. And I've been a runner for the last several years. And like most of you, reading has always been one of my favorite past times.

All of these things inform my writing on a regular basis. Art stimulates art and I find that true for my dancing. Running is meditative. It allows my mind to wander to all the places it should as a writer. And reading is everything if you want to be a word smith--a story teller.

But I also have a secret hobby. It's not knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, scrap booking, jewelry making or rug hooking. I've tried all of those LOL! I don't have patience for the learning curve needed for the process to become automatic. My secret hobby is also not cooking, gardening or being on the PTA. I have fair weather relationships with these type of activities. *sigh* I also have about three minutes every day when I think about being a dog owner. Then I remember all the fun the litter boxes bring me. Not sure about that one. I do know I'd love to do yoga, martial arts, play a musical instrument or take an art class. For starters. But that's no secret. Just the tip of my length bucket list. My future hobbies.

So, what is my secret hobby?

I'm training to be a Jedi Knight.

I have been since I was a kid and I watched the very first Stars Wars movie. No, I'm not one of those Comic Con enthusiasts. There's nothing wrong with that, but that's not me. I don't even like to dress up at Halloween. Heck--I don't watch the movies very often. Years can go by. And FYI by movies--I mean the original three. Seriously.

And I know it sounds strange--but I really am being serious when I say this is my secret hobby. It's a passion of mine. Being a Jedi Knight in training is all about believing in the FORCE. It's tapping into something bigger. It's about karma and coincidence. It's the thing that happens when the story falls from the sky and onto your lap top or notebook.  It's an exchange of energy. It's about connecting with more--being distracted less. It's about an unknown that is entirely too familiar if you don't look at it straight on. And love that I must.

What is your secret hobby?


  1. Great post! Too bad they don't let adults do that Jedi Training thing at Disney. :-) I DO love what it means to be a Jedi and tapping into the FORCE.