Amusement Park Highs and Lows, Brian Katcher

Last Night I Took a Walk in the Dark/ A Swingin' Place Called Palisades Park/ To Have Some Fun and See What I Could See/ That's Where the Girls Are

--Palisades Park

My parents took their honeymoon at Six Flags St. Louis. Dad says the whole day cost 'em thirty dollars. I've been enjoying them for nearly forty years. Here are my votes for the best and worst.

Best Roller Coaster:

Batman: The Ride, Six Flags Over St. Louis


Worst Roller Coaster: 

The Mamba, Worlds of Fun, Kansas City

Best Dark Ride: 

The Flooded Mine, Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO

Worst Dark Ride:

 Scooby Doo Ride, Six Flags Over St. Louis

(I like this one, but it terrified my daughter)

Best Ferris Wheel:

Navy Pier, Chicago


Worst Ferris Wheel:

Six Flags over Mexico City

(You could easily fall out of this thing)

Best Ride:

The Haunted Mansion, Disney World


Worst Ride:

Lilo and Stitch Ride, Disney World

Best Animatronics:

Hall of Presidents, Disney World

Worst Animatronics:  

Haunted Dungeon, Hamburg, Germany

Best Employees:

Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO


Worst Emplyees:

Disney World



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